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Sophie Monk's first suitor arrives in a cloud of smoke

20 September 2017 11:17 AM

On Wednesday's episode of the Bachelorette, Sophie Monk began the show by explaining she wants a relationship like her parents, who have been married 43 years.

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Bachelorette's Sophie Monk takes a dig at her famous exes

20 September 2017 11:17 AM

The Bachelorette's Sophie Monk, 37, appeared to take a swipe at her ex-boyfriends, during an appearance on Wednesday's The Project.

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Bachelorette premiere: Sophie breaks down, regrets choosing career

20 September 2017 11:12 AM

During Wednesday's Bachelorette premiere, Sophie Monk broke down into tears within minutes, admitting to fears she chose her career over love

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The Bachelorette hunks go SHIRTLESS

20 September 2017 9:16 AM

The Bachelorette hunks go shirtless and show off their muscular physiques in various social media snaps.

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The Bachelorette's Hayden Felsenthal cross-dresses

20 September 2017 8:52 AM

Sophie Monk is about to make her debut as The Bachelorette.

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Body language expert shares his Bachelorette final two

20 September 2017 8:16 AM

It's the question on everyone's lips: who will Sophie Monk end up with in The Bachelorette?

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The Bachelorette Form Guide: Who will win Sophie Monk's heart?

20 September 2017 5:55 AM

The Bachelorette Sophie Monk confirmed she found love on the matchmaking show. And now Daily Mail Australia reveal the front-runners, odds-favourites and rumoured winner ahead of the debut.

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Bachelorette Sophie Monk recalls awkward kiss rejection

20 September 2017 4:39 AM

The celebrity Bachelorette is due to lock lips with more hunky suitors than ever seen before. But despite smooching almost all of her 18 suitors, Sophie Monk admits to awkwardly rejecting one unlucky guy.

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Sophie Monk dons 'L'amour' T-shirt ahead of The Bachelorette premiere

20 September 2017 3:36 AM

Sophie Monk donned 'L'amour' T-shirt as she strolls through Sydney airport hours before The Bachelorette debut on Wednesday.

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Bachelorette Sophie Monk reveals show was 'last option' to find love

20 September 2017 3:05 AM

The beloved Australian star admitted to approaching Channel Ten in hopes of finding 'the one' as The Bachelorette on the hit matchmaking series.

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