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Travis Scott FINALLY Spills the Tea on Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy

05 January 2018 11:05 PM

It's been months of is she, or isn't she and are they or aren't they dating! Many of these questions have gone unanswered and left to our imaginations? that is until NOW! Travis Scott...

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The Good & Bad Side of Jake and Logan Paul -JS

05 January 2018 10:48 PM

Jake and Logan Paul are two of YouTube's biggest stars, with a huge following that keeps growing with tons of young fans that look up to and admire them. But most of their attention lately...

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Jake Paul Using the N Word, Khloe Kardashian's AWKWARD Delivery Room Story with Kylie Jenner DR

05 January 2018 9:35 PM

Jake Paul's mouth is getting the YouTuber in trouble yet again, this time for using the n-word. Also, Khloe Kardashian retells the story of her time in the delivery room with her sister Kylie...

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Scott Disick Goes NUTS After Sofia Richie Runs into Her Ex Boyfriend Lewis Hamilton

05 January 2018 9:10 PM

Although Scott Disick sees his ex Kourtney Kardashian frequently, apparently he does not like when the same happens with his girlfriend Sofia Richie. Scott and Sofia rang in the New Year together...

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Dua Lipa SLAMMED for Using the N Word in a Song

05 January 2018 6:53 PM

Celebrities often come under fire for things they've done and said in the past, and now Dua Lipa is the most recent celeb to have the internet come after her for something she did back in the...

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Cardi B AFRAID to Show Her Face to Fans After Health Scare

05 January 2018 6:18 PM

Everyone was jamming out to Cardi B's new collaboration 'Finesse' with Bruno Mars, except for the rapper herself. Cardi took to social media and shared she was unable to celebrate the songs...

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Jake Paul CAUGHT Saying the N-Word TWICE in Rap Freestyle

05 January 2018 5:31 PM

Earlier this week, Jake Paul caught criticism from the internet for using an inappropriate thumbnail on a video titled 'How I lost my Virginity.' Now he is making the internet mad once...

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Khloe Kardashian Talks About Being in the Delivery Room with Kylie Jenner

05 January 2018 4:34 PM

During her interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Khloe Kardashian discussed a lot of things regarding her pregnancy. Although a lot of what she had to say was very interesting, one thing that stood...

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Little Boy Sings Song From 'Coco' for Deceased Baby Sister's Birthday in Heartbreaking Video

05 January 2018 1:30 AM

In a now viral video, 4-year-old Alexander sings a song from the hit Pixar film, 'Coco' for his baby sister's birthday who died in May. The sweet video of this thoughtful big brother has garnered...

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Camila Cabello Explains Why She REFUSES to Bash Fifth Harmony, Compares Drama to One Direction

05 January 2018 1:00 AM

While Camila Cabello might have plenty to say about her former Fifth Harmony bandmates, she's decided to skip the gossip. The singer isn't willing to tell all just yet, and the reason as...

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