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Kim Kardashian Responds To Using The R Word After Fans Slam Her | Hollywoodlife

01 November 2018 6:37 PM

Kim Kardashian says something that pisses off A LOT of people. Khloe Kardashian goes into labor in a new video you have to see. Plus ? Kylie Jenner reveals a ...

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Lil Pump Steals Fan's Girlfriend VIDEO | Hollywoodlife

31 October 2018 9:36 PM

NBA Youngboy threatens to fight pretty much everyone at his show. Dr. Phil reveals what he thinks of Danielle Bregoli's career. Plus - Lil Pump steals someone ...

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Justin Bieber Reveals New Haircut | Hollywoodlife

31 October 2018 9:12 PM

Shane Dawson reveals that he wants to work with Justin Bieber on a new project. Plus - JB gets a new hair cut. #ShaneDawson #JustinBieber #HaileyBaldwin ...

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Offset Reacts To Nicki Minaj & Cardi B Feud | Hollywoodlife

31 October 2018 7:01 PM

Offset reacts to Cardi B and Nicki Minaj's explosive feud. So does Jake Paul, Iggy Azela, Ellen and even the elderly! Plus ? Nicki Minaj slams Steve Madden.

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Logan Paul Reveals How Chloe Bennet Predicted His Downfall | Hollywoodlife

31 October 2018 6:57 PM

Logan Paul talks about ex girlfriend Chloe Bennet, his forest video in Japan, and if he actually made money boxing against KSI. #LoganPaul #KSI ...

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Logan Paul Cries Over KSI Dissing Chloe Bennet | Hollywoodlife

02 August 2018 11:11 PM

Logan Paul slams KSI over the London press conference 'She's a hoe' chants. Plus - Chloe Bennet disses KSI. #loganpaul #ksi #chloebennet OK, we get it.

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Kylie Jenner Wants Kendall Jenner Pregnant | Hollywoodlife

02 August 2018 9:52 PM

Kylie Jenner reveals why she wants to see Kendall Jenner pregnant. Plus - Kim Kardashian goes off on Kourtney Kardashian, again, in a new 'Keeping Up' ...

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Lil Pump Reveals XXXTentacion 'Arms Around You' Song | Hollywoodlife

02 August 2018 8:49 PM

Lil Pump reveals XXXTentacion 'Arms Around You' track after he and Smokepurpp bring his mom out for a tribute performance. Plus - Miley Cyrus reacts to ...

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Cardi B Responds To Second Pregnancy | Hollywoodlife

02 August 2018 6:57 PM

Cardi B responds to a potential second pregnancy. Plus - did she just take Beyonce's crown? #CardiB #Offset The ?I Like It? singer's postpartum sex timer is ...

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Jake Paul & Logan Paul Fight Video Goes Viral | Hollywoodlife

02 August 2018 6:33 PM

Jake Paul fight video is going viral. Plus - Logan Paul punches Bradley Martin in the face. #jakepaul #loganpaul #ksi OK, we get it. Logan Paul, 23, and KSI, 24, ...

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