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Cheryl 'severs all ties with The X Factor'

30 August 2017 6:17 PM

Cheryl is thought to have severed ties with the hugely popular talent show by closing the company responsible for handling her salary.

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Louis Walsh confirmed as Ireland's Got Talent judge

30 August 2017 2:56 PM

The Irish music manager and X-Factor judge has been confirmed for the new show.

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Mel B Gets Her Revenge by 'Killing' Simon Cowell on 'America's Got Talent'

30 August 2017 8:35 AM

Mel B got her revenge on Simon Cowell on Tuesday night's (Aug. 29) "America's Got Talent" when mentalist Colin Cloud gave her an opportunity to "murder" her sometime rival during an elaborate trick.

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Mel B complains about rubber knife after stabbing Simon Cowell on AGT

30 August 2017 8:12 AM

Mel B seemed fill with joy as she was asked to 'murder' her TV nemesis Simon Cowell during a live act on Tuesday's episode of America's Got Talent.

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Mel B rocks a pink mohawk while Tyra Banks reveals her cleavage

30 August 2017 7:32 AM

They are both flawless additions to America's Got Talent.

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Examining Simon Cowell and Mel B's Unique Relationship on America's Got Talent

30 August 2017 2:36 AM

Judges continues to playfully bicker on NBC's summer competition show

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Dancing policeman shakes it up at Notting Hill carnival

28 August 2017 8:25 PM

He was on Britain's Got Talent too.

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DJ AM's Prolific Legacy: A Haunted Artist Who Couldn't Be Saved but Who Quietly Changed His Craft Forever

28 August 2017 1:00 PM

Celebrity deejay and club owner who helped blaze a trail for the current crop of mainstream EDM talent died of an overdose eight years ago & is remembered for his passion for life and music

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